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N.A.A.N. Paint Parties

N.A.A.N. (No Artistic Ability Needed) is a mobile paint party service, designed specifically for the non-artist to end up with a beautiful piece of art. Whether adult parties, kid parties, church events, or corporate events, whatever the occasion, N.A.A.N. can bring the creativity.

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Being a black man in America can be an action movie script within itself. Not everyone is able to understand some of the things we may go through on a daily basis. "Letters To A Blind Man" is a book of poetry, with first hand accounts of what it's like to love God, but be a little rachet, to be in love with love, only to not have it love you back, dealing with my own inner demons, and what it's REALLY LIKE to be Black In America.

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Family Peer Navigator for Mental Health in Washington State

A family peer navigator service to assist Black and African American families seeking services for their loved ones experiencing a mental health concern in Washington State.

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Shinoda Media

Designer and photographer, studied at Western University, based in Washington.

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